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Our weekend at Mindd International Forum 2018

Last weekend Tim and Amarina had the pleasure of attending the Mindd International Forum - a 3-day intensive conference aiming to educate patients and train practitioners in the latest evidence-based prevention and treatment protocols for a range of peadiatric health conditions including Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, Sensory Processing, Learning Delays, Chronic Illness & Autoimmunity.

Not only did the Sydney Neurofeedback Centre team and Studio Chiro team undergo their clinic-focused, evidence-based practitioner training but they also co-ran an exhibition stall as part of the Mindd Forum Expo.

A note from Tim & Amarina:

We are passionate about educating and informing parents and practitioners about qEEG Brain Scans and Neurofeedback as an effective treatment option for a variety of brain-based conditions.

We had a fantastic weekend scanning brains, answering questions, catching up with biomedical doctors and other healthcare practitioners, presenting on a panel of Neuro therapists & chatting with curious parents who wanted to learn more about Neurofeedback and qEEG.

We are already looking forward to Mindd 2019 with some exciting speakers already locked in!