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Neurofeedback Brain Training

Reach your full potential with

state-of-the-art Brain Training

& qEEG Brain Maps in Neutral Bay

Sydney's leading specialists in Neurofeedback & qEEG services



We Treat:
  • ADHD Inattentive / Hyperactive subtypes

  • Depression

  • Peak Performance

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD & Complex Trauma

  • Emotional / Behavioural conditions

  • Learning difficulties

  • Brain Injury 

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Cognitive Dysfunction

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Our Services:
  • QEEG Brain Scans

  • Neurofeedback Brain Training

  • Advanced brain stimulation technolgies

  • State-of-the-art brain training services to further optimise treatment

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Our Clinic:

Sydney Neurofeedback Centre operates out of Studio Chiro in Neutral Bay - a holistic health clinic co-owned by Tim and his wife Rebecca

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If you are interested in our 
Neurofeedback &
QEEG services:
Sydney Neurofeedback Centre In The Media
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" I wanted to thank you guys for your help throughout the last year. I think the Neurofeedback definitely provided me with some much needed focus and motivation while working on my project! "
" Have to say a big thanks for the ability to really change my focus and tune in and out of the zone ... so much better since doing Neurofeedback. Took home Senior Club Champion and Best Rider at away championship events for 2018. One of my most successful years to date and all 12 months after a massive injury! "
" My two primary school aged sons who have ADHD and ASD participate in Neurotherapy twice a week with Tim and Amarina. I have seen significant improvement in their emotional regulation including a dramatic reduction in meltdowns, being better able to tolerate uncomfortable situations such as haircuts and less anxiety around new situations. Their school has also seen a significant improvement in their focus and concentration. Tim and Amarina genuinely care about my boys and our family and have been a great support to me in making sure my boys get the care they need "
" The support, care and interest given by Tim & Amarina to our children has been outstanding. They took the time to explain Neurofeedback to us, and managed our expectations brilliantly. During the first cycle of treatment for our son we noticed improvements in concentration, social interactions and verbal expression. These improvements continued to grow throughout the cycle and beyond. His other therapists and Doctors, without any knowledge of the Neurofeedback therapy he was undertaking, also noticed these differences in our son and questioned what we were doing to produce such a visible difference. Gone are the outbursts, negative self talk, and extreme social awkwardness that made his life so much more difficult. So great was the success with our son, we introduced our daughter to Neurotherapy. Displaying traits of inability to focus and social stress common to pubescent girls, she has since overcome these negative traits in record time thanks to the therapy administered by Tim and his team. The difference that Tim and Amarina offer over and above many other therapists is that they consider the person as a individual and take a holistic approach that nurtures the unique traits we each display. Thank you Tim and Amarina for enabling our son to enjoy and take part in his world - the difference you have made to his life has been nothing short of miraculous "
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