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EEG data recording
qEEG brain maps

What is Brain Scanning?




All clients seeking Neurofeedback therapy will firstly undergo an initial assessment involving a EEG to highlight areas of the brain that may require more attention. 

EEG, also called Electroencephalogram or Brain Scan, is an non-invasive measurement of brain function. 

Using an advanced 19-sensor EEG cap, brain electricity is measured in microvolts and amplified to a computer. An EEG recording will then take a detailed snapshot of the brain to accurately map out areas of the brain that may require treatment.

EEG is used throughout the world for many applications in Psychology, Neurology, Peak Performance and Neurofeedback. 


EEG data is interpreted and transformed into a Quantitative EEG (qEEG). We refer to this as a 'Brain Scan'.

A clients' Brain Scan gives detailed and comprehensive information about their brain function - regions of the brain that may be overactive, underactive, poorly communicating or performing at a sub-optimal level. Scans are represented as brightly coloured maps, as seen above.

A clients' qEEG Brain Scan, their medical history and treatment goals are all taken into consideration when formulating a highly individualised Neurofeedback treatment protocol. 

Multiple qEEGs may be taken throughout the course of Neurofeedback therapy to ensure brain changes are achieved and documented.

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